Sunday, April 25, 2010

What makes farming fun

Every year I say "I have never seen anything like this before." Now I have only been farming about 6 years so that isn't much of a statement. But it is interesting to talk with my neighbors-some who have been farming 40 or 50 years and they are saying the same thing.

We went from too wet to too dry overnight this year. I planted corn a week ago last Sunday that was really too wet, had to clean mud off the planter. We finished the following Thursday-and a week later that seed is still laying in the ground in dry dirt not even sprouted.

I guess this will be a good test of wether it is more important to plant early or wait for good conditions.

No use worrying about it since whats done is done, time to move on, corn is in gods hands now. So yesterday we switched the planter over to prepare to plant beans. There has been a fair amount of rain in the last 36 hours so I would say we are looking at late next week at best.

The opportunity to never stop learning is really cool. Some people think it would be boring driving the tractor back and forth across the field all day, but with so much to plan and think about boredom and farming just don't go together for me.


  1. I no-tilled a small field of barley a couple weeks ago. The neighbors keep telling me I forgot to plant the middle. (The neighbors pretty much keep me informed of many things I do...)
    The whole field was wet but the middle of the field was a touch on the muddy side. I was amazed at the difference. Outside rounds are two inches tall.
    Of course every year is different...

  2. Back when we grew potatoes (nearly 30 years ago now), we tried planting by the moon, on St. Patrick's Day and when the ground was right. The only consistant result was that if we planted when the ground was too wet, the soil stayed cloddy all summer. Take that for what it's worth to you.

  3. I have always said an inch of rain can cover up a multitude of sins. It is true again this spring. Nice to see you posting again. You always have something interesting to contribute.