Sunday, April 18, 2010

Corn is Planted!!

We finished planting corn about 8:30 last Friday night-April 16. Exactly 126 days after we finished harvest-a new record by over 30 days. I hope to never break that record again.

After corn planting Julie and the kids and I planted 150 Christmas trees. 25 of each of Canaan firs, Frasier Firs, Red Pines, Blue Spruce, Scotch Pines, Norway Spruce. In 4-5 years we hope to have enough trees to give away to family and fiends who want to come cut their own tree.

Corn planted 8 days ago is up, also amazing for this time of year. Today we are switching the planter over to beans, but it is so dry I doubt we will try to plant anything before we get some rain-there is a good chance for rain later in the week so maybe we can hit it early next week.

Bean planting is going to rough on my 43 year old body this year-350 bags of seed moved at least 2 times by hand-no doubt I am going to feel it. I know now I am still feeling the beating from all the tree planting.

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