Saturday, August 22, 2009

Harvest Prep Step 1

Where did the summer go? The state fair has came and gone and ditches and waterways are getting mowed-the signs that always indicate to me that harvest is near. Add to that the farm progress show in Decatur, IL is coming up in a couple weeks and the juices are starting to flow.

I spent about 10 hours mowing this past week, and about the same working on the combine and trucks. If I had to guess now I would say we will have a little to start on the Sat after Labor day-but with the cool year havest probably won't hit full steam until the later 1/3 of Sept.

Mowing always makes things look nice, so I did get out and grab a few pictures of the crops.

This next week will probably bring more of the same, there is a 50 years of progress show which has a lot of the 50 year old equipment out and running-I hope to get some pics there and will post, and the following week farm progress.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Couldn't have said it better myself

I am going to be a lazy blogger this week and not post much other than a link to another blog-but this guy nailed it so good that I had to post it.

This is a little long, but EXCELLENT description of many of the misunderstandings of agriculture:

We are getting close to harvest-probably about 3-4 weeks. From now on I will stick to blogging activities on our farm. This week we finshing spraying fungicide and tomorrow will start mowing around field edges and waterways in preparation for harvest activities.

Crop is looking good, but wouldn't mind a little rain.