Sunday, December 6, 2009

Done Harvesting-Good Riddance 2009

Finished Dec 5, 9:00am. Never thought I would say Decemeber for finishing harvest-what is is 1965? Grandpa used to tell stories about picking corn at thanksgiving.

The last area was so wet that we had to wait for ground to freeze to finish it. I have never seen snow on the corn head-or had ice build up in the combine. After we go the combine back home in the shop I went to get the trucks and returned to a big puddle of water in the shop. I thought it had blown a hydraulic hose or resovoir split or something. Turned out to be water running from the combine-ice had accumulated from picking he frozen corn and was thawing out. That was a first for me, hopefully the last.

Now that fieldwork is over time to work of farm reports, pay seed bills, get yeild maps together, soil tests, and work with fertilizer suppliers to get next years fertilizer down.

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