Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No harvesting this week-good video from NCGA

There has been so much misinformation in the press again lately. I am so tired of hearing about "Corporate Farms", I still haven't ever met a corpration at any farm meeting or in the line at the elevator. Every farmer I have ever met is a family farmer, they have gotten larger-often because they are supporting multiple families and must be larger.

From what I see many people are trying to use the term "Sustainability" as a weapon against family farmers. In an attempt to gain market share for their products they are spreading the misconception that food not grown on small garden farms is unhealthy, or that it is bad for the environment-despite so much scientific evidence to the contrary.

Some really good facts in the last 30 seconds of this video to counteract the lies being spread by other groups.

Were it not for family farms and modern production methods we would simply not have enough food to meet the needs for human food, feed, and fuel. What is not sustainable is returning to farming methods of the 1900's.

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  1. I appreciate your sage comments that accompany the video from the NCGA. I worked with some of the people featured when I was active with the group. We in agriculture need to be committed to spread the word about our profession.

    Have a safe harvest.

    Ron Swanson