Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Small Grain Farm Blog
This is the first entry in the Butler Farm 2009 Blog. This blog will follow our corn and soybean farm operation throughout the year. We will detail what is being done each week, post pictures when helpful, and generally try to keep those interested in the issues involved in running a small midwest grain farm.

Just the facts:
Approximately 400 acres
No till operation-more on this at a later time
2009 crops will be 290 acres of corn and 110 acres of beans

About the farmers:
Paul & Julia Butler http://www.paul-julia.com
Years Farming: 2009 will be 5th crop

Biggest Issues Concerning us for 2009:
Crop Prices and Input Costs
Legislation that could negatively impact Agriculture

Still being relatively new to farming we have a lot to learn, but will use this weekly blog to share some of the issues encountered the last few years as we compare this year as it progresses.

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  1. I like it Paul. I knew you would come out with the bells and whistles! This will be good to educate all your city friends where your real passion lies. I suppose they already know that but this is a great way to share and learn.